Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AKBINGO! ep138 110608

1) Shojiki Shougi - Ichikawa Miori vs. Kojima Haruna 
2) Shojiki Shougi - Miyazawa Sae vs. Shimazaki Haruka 
3) AKB48 News 
4) "Shoujo tachi yo" (Live at Shibuya AX, 2011) 

Lemon -> Kojima:
1. Rather than Bad Boyz, you think Ariyoshi is the one that brings out the potential in Kojima Haruna
2. This morning when you woke up, you realized it was an AKBINGO! recording and went back to sleep (implying AKBINGO! ain't important)
3. You spoil your dogs, but they actually aren't very comfortable with you.
4. Honestly, you can't hold a conversation with the members in high school.
5. You actually believe you want to become a fresh lemon!
6. When part of no3b, because you're thought to be a variety idol, you don't like (being in no3b).
7. Honestly, you think that if Kojima Haruna turns on the charm, no guy would be able to resist.

Kojima -> Lemon:
1. Actually, the moment you reach home...your voice becomes lower.
2. Even without it being told, you know yourself that you won't be able to become a fresh lemon.
3. You actually believe that you'd be able to break through (in popularity?) the members sitting in the 3rd row (from the front).
4. From an Ichikawa that has a small face, for some end up laughing when looking at Akimoto Sayaka.
5.'re black-hearted.
6. The thing you don't want to be called most is 'bushy eyebrows'.
7. You've never truly laughed at Bad Boyz Kiyoto's gags.

Miyazawa -> Shimazaki:
1. The nickname "Paruru" is a copy of "Mayuyu".
2. You honestly think Shimzaki Haruka is the cutest in all of AKB48.
3. You say that you like meronpan, but you actually like dried    squid more.
4. You're pushed as pure of heart, but you're actually rather easily angered.
5. Since you're a self-proclaimed idol otaku, you secretly have points alloted to all the members.
6. You honestly don't accept Akimoto Sayaka as an idol.
7. Honestly, you pick your nose when you're at home.

Shimazaki -> Miyazawa:
1. Rather than variety shows, you want to appear in dramas.
2. Though you looks after juniors well, you're quite spoiled by your mother at home.
3. Since Miyazawa Sae has now reached 20 years of age, you think you've become very mature now.
4. When going to buy clothes, you're often asked "Is this a present for your girlfriend?"
5. While being called 'ikemen', lately you've begun holding an interest towards females.
6. You actually...have a killer face to seduce men.
7. When walking in the streets in private, you feel as though everyone is laughing at you.

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