Thursday, May 26, 2011

AKBINGO! ep136 110525

Maeda -> Shinoda:
1. Lately, you can't keep up with what the younger members are talking about.
2. Lately, updating your blog is annoying.
3. In the streets, there has been a time when you felt regretful because no one recognized you.
4. This year's CM queen is most definitely Shinoda Mariko.
5. Honestly, air ocarina was a disgrace.
6. A show where you are the MC has started on NHK but in actuality, the license fees haven't been paid.
7. You live in an organized place, so you don't want to let in the dirty (in the sense of cleanliness) Kojima.

Shinoda -> Maeda:
1. You actually don't know Bad Boys' Kiyoto's family name.
2. There is actually a member in the stands today that you've never talked to before.
3. Compared to working on dramas and movies, recording AKBINGO! is...more enjoyable.
4. Pretending to have poor eyesight, there has been a time when you glared at a disliked staff member.
5. You actually don't want to appear on variety shows.
6. You actually haven't watched any AKBINGO! since the start of this year.
7. You actually think your casual clothing is the most fashionable out of all the members.

Itano -> Akimoto:
1. You actually worry about having a muscular body.
2. Though you upload pictures of your casual clothing on your blog, you actually don't get very many comments.
3. Though you're pushed as a manly character, your latest obsession is fortune telling through cute dreams.
4. Lately you've become able to talk with gorillas.
5. Though you've been told by members that your clothes are unfashionable, it's still better than Takahashi Minami.
6. You think you've become beautiful lately.
7. Since you haven't been able to come up to the front very well in Waratte Iitomo!, with your manager, you've been thinking about changing jobs.

Akimoto -> Itano:
1. At karaoke, you've sung Dear J more than 10 times before. (as in within one session)
2. Though you often have girls' talk with members, you don't invite Akimoto Sayaka to them because she's hard to talk to.
3. If you actually found someone you liked, you plan on immediately marrying and leaving the group.
4. Lately, you honestly feel that you've become more and more popular.
5. You're normally strong-willed and open, but you're actually a masochist.
6. At home, you open canned foods with your teeth (her fangs).
7. You often give advice about Akimoto's clothes, but honestly, you've given up.

1) Shojiki Shougi - Shinoda Mariko Vs. Atsuko Maeda 2) Shojiki Shougi - Itano Tomomi Vs. Akimoto Sayaka 3) AKB48 News 4) Studio live performance of "Everyday, Katyusha"

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